Zi Xi
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(139 min)
2000 - Comedy, Drama - China
A small village is under Japanese occupation during World War II. A humble peasant named Dasan has the whole village talking with rumors of a mistress. During a night of surreptitious love-making, a package is delivered to his door: two Japanese POWs. One is a Japanese soldier and the other is a Chinese Translator for the Japanese. The two men beg for death but Dasan can’t and refuses to commit such an inhumane act. Rather, he opts to engage in a nerve-racking hide-and-seek game with the prisoners and the Japanese military. But with the constant anxiety of being caught and the pressure from the other villagers to kill the prisoners, Dasan’s mind is about to explode. No matter which path he chooses, it just doesn’t seem to be the right one!
Director : Wen Jiang
Cast : Wen Jiang, Hongbo Jian, Teruyuki Kagawa, Ding Yuan, Zhijun Cong, Zi Xi
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