Reika Hashimoto
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(133 min)
2004 - Thriller, Horror - Japan
Asuka is a model and dancer, left without a place to stay in Tokyo. She starts sharing an apartment belonging to a friend's friend, Kasumi, who at the start is not too friendly, and obviously has a baggage of problems of her own. The troubles begin when Asuka witnesses a gruesome killing across the street from Kasumi's apartment: through the window she spots a lean woman dressed in black leather slicing a tied-up man with a scalpel. When the police arrive at the scene, they find a man meticulously disemboweled, with voodoo symbols carved into his skin. An inspector follows the psycho-cult lead by going to a mysterious expert on such matters, while a young paparazzo (Tatsuo) is always near the death scenes. Other bodies appear (some sent by regular mail directly to the police), all cut and decorated into morbid works of art, with a kiss left with black lipstick on white paper next to each body…
Director : Makoto Tezuka
Cast : Reika Hashimoto, Kaori Kawamura, Masanobu Ando
(120 min)
2004 - Comedy, Experimental - Japan
Survive Style 5 is a collage of multiple sub plots that intersect over the course of the movie. There is a man who kills and buries his wife only to repeat the process multiple times. A typical Japanese nuclear family get tickets to see the show of a famous hypnotist. A trio of young hooligans go around robbing houses. Yoko a commercial executive imagines silly and comical commercials based on events in her day. A British hitman takes a business trip to Japan to perform premium hit jobs.
Director : Gen Sekiguchi
Cast : Tadanobu Asano, Reika Hashimoto, Kyōko Koizumi, Hiroshi Abe, Ittoku Kishibe, Yumi Asou
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