Hiroshi Abe
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(95 min)
2000 - Horror, Black Comedy - Japan
Satomi peacefully lives in a small house with her mother and sister. However, her older brother, who disappeared when the police accused him of murdering four young school girls, has disturbed their peaceful living. Their house is now in constant surveillance by the press, in addition to prank calls and rocks thrown by townsfolk. Satomi decides to ask the help of two psychic mediums to find out who is the real killer and where her missing brother is. However, the mediums methods seem a bit suspicious to Satomi at first, but it doesn’t take long before things go out of control and the two mediums have full power over the small family. With the help of a special FBI team and her newly discovered hidden psychic power, Satomi will try to fight back the two mediums before they fulfill their deadly plan.
Director : Hirohisa Sasaki
Cast : Hitomi Miwa, Kazuma Suzuki, Ren Osugi, Hiroshi Abe, Hijiri Natsukawa, Yoshiko Yura
(90 min)
2001 - Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction - Japan
Before being sentenced to death for the murder of her own daughter, Satomi tells her story to a nun. It all begins with no one believing Satomi’s story of the kidnapping of her daughter. When the police start to investigate, Satomi’s husband tells them that they never had a daughter at all and that Satomi may have psychological problems. Satomi decides to start her own investigation with the help of a strange psychic woman who may know the whereabouts of Satomi’s daughter. However, things will take a strange twist when two undercover FBI Agents involve her into a big political conspiracy in which visitors from another planet are trying to take over Japan.
Director : Hirohisa Sasaki
Cast : Hiroshi Abe, Hitomi Mwa, Sadao Abe
(96 min)
1997 - Swordplay, Fantasy - Japan
During 16th century Japan, a sword made of a mysterious metal is discovered that has the ability to regenerate itself. The sword was found on a bandit, and news of the sword spreads across Japan. Tadaoki, the lord of the Hans decides to venture forth and uncover the origins of the sword so that his people can make more of these special swords for his upcoming war. Tadoaki sends Suikyo on this dangerous and difficult task. Suikyo, who once worked for the Hans a long time ago as General of their great army is now a wondering monk who lives up in the mountains in seclusion. To keep an eye on Suikyo, Tadaoki sends Hayate, Tadaoki's best samurai. They both decide to leave for the north where a band of bandits have been spotted. On their way, they will meet Renge, a young orphan girl who lives in the middle of the forest. She will decide to follow the two heroes to retake her sword that was stolen by the bandits. The sword was given to her grandfather before he died. The three heroes finall
Director : Keita Amemiya
Cast : Yuko Moriyama, Sayaka Yoshino, Hiroshi Abe, Oshiyuki Nagashima
(104 min)
1994 - Kaiju - Japan
Yamato Takeru was born, along with his twin brother, a prince. He was considered born under an evil sign and sent to be executed at birth. Luckily, the white bird of heaven intervened and spared his life. But his bad luck continued as his mother and brother died, and his ill fortune took the blame. Cursed with a magic amulet he is banished, and he must use his deadly powers to claim the ultimate weapon and stop the imminent destruction caused by the evil God Tsukiyomi.
Director : Takao Okawara
Cast : Misashi Ishibashi, Masahiro Takashima, Yasuko Sawaguchi, Hiroshi Fujioka, Hiroshi Abe
(100 min)
2000 - Action - Hong Kong
Takehashi never showed up to his wedding in Los Vegas, Macy his fiancée returns to her home in Hong Kong. A few days later the interior designer(Yung) comes to see her because the check that Takehashi gave him was not good. They both decide to go to his home in Japan where they get attacked by some unknown men. They are save by a girl who brings them to Lin a private investigator who was looking for Takehashi as well. He explains to Macy and Yung that Takehashi ran off with the wife of Ito, who is one of the biggest mob bosses in Japan. They try to piece things together and find out what happened to Takehashi and why is everyone after him.
Director : Jingle Ma Choh Shing
Cast : Tony Leung, Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Kelly Chan Wai Lam, Toru Nakayama, Hiroshi Abe
(120 min)
2004 - Comedy, Experimental - Japan
Survive Style 5 is a collage of multiple sub plots that intersect over the course of the movie. There is a man who kills and buries his wife only to repeat the process multiple times. A typical Japanese nuclear family get tickets to see the show of a famous hypnotist. A trio of young hooligans go around robbing houses. Yoko a commercial executive imagines silly and comical commercials based on events in her day. A British hitman takes a business trip to Japan to perform premium hit jobs.
Director : Gen Sekiguchi
Cast : Tadanobu Asano, Reika Hashimoto, Kyōko Koizumi, Hiroshi Abe, Ittoku Kishibe, Yumi Asou
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