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(106 min)
2001 - Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action - Japan
In the not so distant future videogames will take on a new form, technology has been refined to the point that the videogame experience has become truly lifelike. But this new technology does not come without risks, if one dies in one of these games they may never recover and thus essentially becoming vegetables. These games quickly become illegal but many still play for the extreme thrill that awaits them and for the very best players there is great profit to be made. One of these incredible players is a woman named Ash who has now set her sights on a secret mission where none has ever returned from.
Director : Mamoru Oshii
Cast : Malgorzata Foremniak, Wladyslaw Kowalski, Jerzy Gudejko, Dariusz Biskupski, Bartek Swiderski, Michal Breitenwald
(88 min)
2003 - Comedy, Fantasy, Sport - Japan
Getting First Place in the High School Baseball Championships is highly coveted in high schools in Japan and director of Seido High is ready to do anything to have the best team. However, Gedo High, a rival high school, and their zombie maniac team are a big obstacle to all the other high schools . During the first game between Seido High and Gedo High, most of Seido High team is literally wiped out. By chance, Megane, one of the few players left alive, discovers that Jubeh, a newly arrived punk student, has the strength, power and a super throw that could match the power of the Gedo High team. Though, Jubeh lost his father previously while playing baseball and now blames himself for this and nothing will convince him to play baseball ever again. It is up to Megane and the High school director to build a new team before the next match… but how will they convince Jubeh to join the team?
Director : Yudai Yamiguchi
Cast : Tak Sakaguchi, Atsushi Ito, Hideo Sakaki
(118 min)
1998 - Drama, Fantasy - Japan
Wada (Masahiro Motoki), a salary man, is enlisted to venture off to China to investigate a potential Jade mine. After his arrival, Wada encounters a violent, yet sentimental, yakuza (Renji Ishibashi), who takes the liberty of joining his adventure through China. Led on their long and disastrous journey to the mine by Shen, the three men come across something even more magical and enticing -- a secluded village full of people who claim they can fly.
Director : Takashi Miike
Cast : Masahiro Motoki, Renji Ishibashi, Mako, Li Li Wang, Manzo Shinra, Michiko Kase
(89 min)
1993 - Swordplay, Fantasy - Hong Kong
Bride With White Hair is a mystical story about a man who was trained in Kung Fu by a master of a powerful clan. He was rebellious in nature but none the less he was the master's favorite student. The land is invaded by an evil clan that seeks to conquer the land, in response to this the 8 clans of kung fu unite to defeat this enemy. The hero is chosen to lead the army to fight the evil invaders, during the first fight he encounters a lady leading the enemy forces and falls in love with her. They both run away and decide they will each leave their clan to live a common life together. The supernatural leader of the evil clan cannot except the fact that the lady wishes to leave the clan because he is in love with her. The union of these two outcast lovers will cause the fall of both the evil and good clans.
Director : Ronnie Yu
Cast : King-Kei Chang, Leslie Cheung, Eddy Ko, Yammie Lam, Brigitte Lin, Ngok-Lam Loh
(87 min)
1995 - Comedy, Fantasy - Hong Kong
A Chinese Odyssey has a vast story that is reminiscent of many period pieces and stories regarding the Journey West or the Legend of the Monkey King. Taking the old tales and giving them a Chow twist is the basic gist of the movie, but it offers a lot more than the usual balls to the wall laugh riot Chow movies. This first installment involves Joker (Chow) who is the reincarnated Monkey King, falling in love with the devil known in evil form as Boney M. There are many twists and turns, and the only way to set things straight is for Joker to use the mysterious time travel-enabling Pandora’s Box.
Director : Lau Chun Wai
Cast : Stephen Chow, Kit Ying Lam, Athene Chu, Jeffrey Lau, Kar-Ying Law, Karen Mok
(103 min)
1990 - Swordplay, Fantasy - Hong Kong
Chinese ghost story II is a fantasy tale of ghosts and demons. It all begins when Ning escapes from prison, he seeks shelter in an abandoned manor. He encounters a monk and a group of rebels who mistake Ning as the wise elder Chew, the leader of the rebel looks like Sian from Chinese Ghost Story I and Ning believe it is her reincarnation. The rebels are seeking to free their father who is going to be executed by the emperor, they ask Ning for his wisdom to aid them. During the night they do battle with an evil ghost that was mistakenly freed by Ning. In the course of the battle they encounter the emperors soldiers escorting the prisoner. After a long battle they manage to stop the soldier and the evil ghost, the commander of the soldiers decides to join the rebels because he believes the prisoner is innocent. The emperors advisor and chief monk comes to see them and steals the prisoner away, Ning uncovers an evil plot and must save his friends
Director : Siu-Tong Ching
Cast : Jacky Cheung, Leslie Cheung, Fung Guk, Shun Lau, Siu-Ming Lau, Waise Lee
(89 min)
1991 - Swordplay, Fantasy - Hong Kong
One hundred years after Chinese Ghost Story I, a monk and his student are traveling to another temple to deliver a gold buddha statue. During their travel they run into some trouble in town and decide to make haste on their journey. When night falls they come across the Orchid Temple, they decide to take refuge even tho the temple is rumored to be haunted. During the night the Master monk senses evil spirits and decides to go hunt them leaving his student to protect the Buddha statue. While the master is gone a ghost visits the young student and tries to seduce him. She fails to have an effect on him and he scares her away with his prayers. During the events with the ghost the young student broke the Buddha statue, to avoid the wrath of his master he says he is ill to buy some time to try to repair the statue. In the coming days the Ghost and the student become friends but disaster strikes and the master monk falls into danger. The student hires a traveling mystic warrior (Jacky Cheung
Director : Siu-Tong Ching
Cast : Jacky Cheung, Shun Lau, Siu-Ming Lau, Yuk-Ting Lau, Tony Leung, Nina Chi Li
(89 min)
2005 - Chambara, Fantasy, Action - Japan
In an unknown place and unknown time (where ninjas, zombies, motorcycles and rocket launchers co-exist), there is a lone samurai whom the credits label as 'Grave'. His aim is destruction. He's looking for the final battle. For such purposes, he has stolen a mysterious coffin from a temple. It is a powerful object, though few agree on the exact power that resides in it, and some even claim it would unleash destruction upon the Earth if opened. Many people want it. Many people fight to get it. Grave is more than happy to oblige.
Director : Yuji Shimomura
Cast : Tak Sakaguchi, Takamasa Suga, Yoko Fujita, Kentaro Seagal
(113 min)
2002 - Thriller, Fantasy, Horror - Taiwan, China
An American FBI agent is sent in Taipei to help the local police force solve a series of strange murders. Two bodies have been discovered and they both share some strange connections - a mysterious fungus imbedded in the brains of the bodies, and signs that both died in a hallucinatory state. Huang Huo-Tu, a Chinese police inspector who lost the trust and respect of his co-workers for reporting a corrupt colleague, has to team up with Kevin Richter, the American FBI agent who is a specialist in serial killer profiling. They will soon discover that the murders are not just ordinary murders but seem to have connections with old Chinese legend and beliefs. Conflicts soon rise between the two officers as Kevin is a man of science, and doesn’t believe in ghosts and demons. As the body count rises, other victims are found dead with the same strange causes of death. The two men have to try to understand each other's beliefs and work together to find out what is behind these strange and unnat
Director : Chen Kuo Fu
Cast : Tony Leung, David Morse, Rene Liu, Dai Li Zen
(84 min)
2001 - Swordplay, Fantasy - South Korea
Dean is tormented by a recurring dream of a mysterious girl in his dream who apparently needs his help. He then meets with Dr. Jang convinces him to save his daughter, Nam-Hong (Rose) who disappeared to another dimension while working on the CS23, a time machine Dr. Jang had created years before. Dean is then sent to his past life via the new CS1004 time machine, where he realizes that Nam-Hong has a striking resemblance to the woman in his dreams. Is it all mere coincidence?
Director : Park Hee Joon
Cast : Leon Lai, Lee Na Young, Yoon Tae Young, Park Eun Hye, Kim Ji Moo
(105 min)
1999 - Swordplay, Fantasy - Hong Kong
The swords master Son-Cool Yeh returns a Jade seal to the emperor in exchange to fight a duel with Simon the Snowball (Ekin Cheng) in the forbidden city. The emperor entrusts Dragon 9 with 8 gold medal that are to be given out to important people so they may attend the duel. The news spread quickly that this is the duel of the century and many people ask Dragon 9 for a medal. With many bets on the outcome of the duel, the people await with great excitement. But before the duel is to begin, Dragon 9 must investigate several mysterious murders that might alter the fairness of the duel.
Director : Andrew Lau
Cast : Ekin Cheng, Mi Chiu, Kong-Shan King, Andy Lau, Sheung-Man Lei, Yiu-Man Tam
(104 min)
2003 - Fantasy, Horror, Comedy - Thailand
In exchange for a big sum of money, four Thai guys went to Africa to investigate a region where mysterious murders are occurring. Armed with carbines and just enough courage, they try to put some light on these inexplicable events. However, things get more complicated than expected when their travel bus has some mechanical problems, giving them no other choice but to go all the way by foot. On the way to their destination, in the wild of Africa, they face plenty of problems such as a black stalker spirit, villager’s ghost, a strange cannibal tribe and many other inexplicable spiritual phenomenons.
Director : Thep Phongarm
Cast : Thep Phongarm, Den Dokpradoo, Khaosai Galaxy, Samart PayukAroon
(55 min)
2000 - Drama, Fantasy, Action, Experimental - Japan
"Dragon Eye" Morrison is a Lizard Inspector who has the ability to communicate with reptiles and wail endlessly on his electric guitar. As a child, he was hit with an electrical charge, thus instilling him with the power of 80,00 Volts. He has a history of exploding into violence since then, and spends his days calmly searching for lost lizards and taking up various related odd jobs. Sharing a common trait is the mysterious Thunderbolt Buddha. He too commands the power of electricity, and when they meet, a lightning charged battle royale ensues. What the hell am I talking about!? Here's a better synopsis! Tadanobu Asano versus Masatoshi Nagase, Rock and Roooooooolllllll!!!!
Director : Sogo Ishii
Cast : Tadanobu Asano, Masatoshi Nagase
(95 min)
1993 - Comedy, Action, Fantasy - Hong Kong
In the year 2043, Judge Yu Ti Hung sentences notorious criminal General Vega to imprisonment. Vega’s men are sent back to the year 1993 to assassinate the judge while he is in high school, but our heroes, the ‘Future Cops’, follow them. Hilarity follows, as the Future Cops sign up as pupils and teachers at the school, and help the geeky young Yu Ti Hung defend himself against bullies. The ‘Future Cops’ are sent from the year 2043, back to 1993. Their mission is to protect Yu Ti Hung, who will one day become a judge, and sentence the evil General Vega to imprisonment.
Director : Wong Jing
Cast : Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Chingmy Yau, Dicky Cheung, Simon Yam, Ekin Cheng
(98 min)
1993 - Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Action - Hong Kong
Two snake spirits, ‘White’ (Wong) and ‘Green’ (Cheung) wish to become human and experience human emotions, especially love and sex. In a world where spirits and humans should not mix, White falls in love with a local teacher, but Green becomes deeply jealous of what the couple have, causing a rift between the two. Meanwhile, a Buddhist monk sworn to keep humans and spirits apart is struggling with a snake of his own. He is trying to make sense of his role as a monk, and his weakness seems to be his sex drive. Obviously envious of the ghostly love triangle, he throws himself into trying to expel the snakes from the human world.
Director : Tsui Hark
Cast : Maggie Cheung, Joey Wong, Zhao Wen Zou, Wu Kuo Chie
(102 min)
2000 - Action, Fantasy, Gangster - Japan
After a case gone badly wrong in Brazil, Mario a Brazilian gangster decides to return to Japan in order to retrieve his love Kei, a Chinese girl who is going to be expulsed from Japan. But Kei is currently being coveted by the boss of one of the most powerful Triad gangs ruling in Japan. Now that Mario and Kei are reunited again, they need to find a way to get out of the country without being caught by the police or by the Chinese triads. To get out of the country Mario and Kei needs a lot of money. Mario ends up with the idea of stealing the money from a gang of Yakuza. They will be helped by Carlos a close friend of Mario and Ricardo, a guy who needs to repay is debt to Carlos. But what the three don't know is that this gang of Yakuza is also doing some underground affair with the Triads gangs who are looking for them. Now they are not only chased by the police but also by two powerful groups of gangsters.
Director : Takashi Miike
Cast : Teah, Michelle Reis, Patricia Manterola, Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Koji Kikkawa, Ren Osugi
(93 min)
1980 - Kung Fu, Fantasy - Hong Kong
In Heaven, a young couple secretly fall in love, and escape to Earth together after spoiling a ceremony. A guard of Heaven named Xin Ling tries to defend them, but he is banished from heaven and sent to the mortal world as a taxi driver. Even on Earth, the trio can’t escape trouble, and when Xin Ling is killed, he finds himself in Hell. When the Buddha shows up, Xin Ling is instructed to find others who shouldn’t be there, and escape back to the mortal world.
Director : Chang Cheh
Cast : Lee Imin, Alexander Fu Sheng, Phillip Kwok, Chiang Sheng, David Chiang
(104 min)
1993 - Kung Fu, Fantasy - Hong Kong
Several infants have been kidnapped all over the city during the last few weeks, the police are without a clue to finding the criminals responsible. The police increase the security in the hospital but it is not use as the children are being taken away by some mysterious invisible force. Luckily a mysterious hero known only as Wonder Woman saves one of the children while the other is taken away. The father of the missing child is a high placed police officer who hires the services of a woman named Chat, she is a professional bounty hunter. Through a strange twist of events Chat and Wonder Woman end up working together against a far greater treat than just a simple kidnapper.
Director : Johnny To
Cast : Maggie Cheung, Paul Chun, Damian Lau, Anita Mui, James Pak, Anthony Wong
(114 min)
1989 - Kung Fu, Fantasy - Hong Kong
During the Ming Dynasty one of the royal guards Feng San brutally rapes and murders one of the princesses. The emperor gives another chance to Feng Sau the royal guard that let the criminal escape. Feng Sau chases Feng San to a mystical spinning Buddha wheel, after attempting a ritual they both end up 300 years into the future.
Director : Clarence Fok
Cast : Biao Yuen, Wah Yuen, Maggie Cheung, Clarence Fok, Stanley Fung, Siu-Lau Lam
(105 min)
2001 - Drama, Fantasy - Japan
Miki (Yuki Amami), a middle-aged woman of the Bonomiya family, spent her days in peace and solitude until the arrival of a new schoolteacher, Akira (Atsuro Watabe). Miki begins to change the more she visits with the young teacher, and soon many strange things begin to happen all over the village of Omine, where Bonomiya woman are forced to be guardians of the evil dog spirits known as Inugami.
Director : Masato Harada
Cast : Yuki Amami, Atsuro Watabe, Eugene Harada, Shiho Fujimura, Kanako Fukaura, Shion Machida
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