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(120 min)
1998 - Comedy, Drama, Crime - Japan
It starts off as a regular day at the Bayside Precinct shortley after a mysterious body is found floating in the river. Later in the day they realize that a whole bunch of things is stolen from the police station and finally they find out that the Commissioner has been kidnapped. The Metropolitan Police Department(MPD) set up an HQ at the Bayside Precinct to investigate the kidnapping but unfortunately the cops from Bayside are left in the dark concerning this case. Investigator Aoshima will try to get involved in the kidnapping case much to the disapproval of MPD. The next three days will easily be the worst days that the Bayside Precinct will ever see.
Director : Katsuyuki Motohiro
Cast : Yuji Oda, Toshiro Yanagiba, Eri Fukatsu, Miki Mizuno, Kyoko Koizumi, Chosuke Ikariya
(138 min)
2003 - Comedy, Drama, Crime - Japan
One day, a mysterious crime is discovered near the Rainbow Bridge, an important bridge that connects Odaiba to Tokyo. Tired of his boring and typical police cases, Sergeant Aoshima rushes to the scene anxious to finally get some real action. Unfortunately, due to the seriousness of the murder, the case is immediately transferred to the Metropolitan Police Headquarters. Again, the precinct has to play a background role in the case while the senior officers occupy their local Precinct until the case is solved. Meanwhile, a vampire-like stalker is on the loose praying on young women, and to add to the problem, many people have filed reports of being stolen from by a whole family of pickpockets. To make things even worst, an important conflict emerge between the local cops and the Senior Superintendent, Hiromi Okita, who was positioned as Head Officer by the Metropolitan Police to solve the mysterious murder case.
Director : Katsuyuki Motohiro
Cast : Yuji Oda, Toshiro Yanagiba, Eri Fukatsu, Miki Mizuno, Yusuke Santamaria
(110 min)
1998 - Drama, Crime, Gangster - Hong Kong
Brother Tung is a borderline cop and triad brother whose best friend, is a triad elder, named Big Brother is on the run after an assassination that he set up. Upon his departure his right hand man, called Pushy-Pin, assumes the role of power to lead the gang. At the same time Brother/officer Tung is given a new commanding officer named Cheung. The group of cops and triads end up unwillingly participating in violent conflicts between them.
Director : Dante Lam
Cast : Anthony Wong, Michael Wong, Roy Cheung, Kathy Chau, Sam Lee, Tam Yiu Man
(103 min)
1996 - Action, Crime - Hong Kong
The SDU are called to investigate a suspicious house, the SDU team quickly finds out the house was rigged to explode. Most of the team is killed in the explosion, the remaining team is killed by a terrorist using a rocket launcher. Only a single SDU member survives the incident, in response to the deaths the police force begins a specialized training program called BOB (Best of the Best). BOB is the answer for next generation SDU to deal with an increasingly amount of violent crimes.
Director : Andrew Lau
Cast : Daniel Chan, Mariane Chan, Julian Cheung, Roy Cheung, Shirley Cheung, Jason Chu
(96 min)
1996 - Action, Crime - Hong Kong
Bill was an investigator for the special crimes unit in Hong Kong till he assaulted his superior. Because of his reckless nature he was demoted to EU (emergency unit) and joined a new team. The team was formed by an interesting group of people, a gun expert, a computer expert, then there was the cop that followed every rule and regulation to the letter and finally an old wise man who always had a story to tell. While on patrol they ran into a gang of violent criminals and several of their fellow policemen were injured. Bill took this personally and vowed to stop the criminals. With some information from the investigation department, they found out this gang was led by a man called the Professor. They follow the trail of clues against the orders from their superiors and finally discover the plan of the criminals and decide to stop them.
Director : Benny Chan
Cast : Jordan Chan, Tat-Ming Cheung, Spencer Lam, Ching-Wan Lau, Theresa Lee, Francis Ng
(116 min)
2004 - Action, Comedy, Crime - South Korea
Choi Chang-hyuk seeks out the great Mr. Kim, a retired criminal, to put together a powerhouse team of swindlers to tackle the score of a lifetime. After it goes terribly wrong, the cops try to use Choi’s girlfriend, In-Keung, to solve the mystery behind the missing gang of thieves and ultimately gain enough evidence to end their reign of terror. Only then, everybody finds themselves trapped in a tangled web of double and triple crosses.
Director : Dong-hun Choi
Cast : Shin-yang Park, Jung-ah Yum, Yun-shik Baek, Wong-sang Park, Mun-shik Lee, Sang-ho Kim
(116 min)
2006 - Action, Drama, Thriller, Crime - South Korea
Sang Do is a Busan drug dealer for whom business is going very well. His only problem is that he is being hassled by a Detective Ho who repeatedly arrests him up and threatens to send him to jail if he doesn’t inform on other dealers and suppliers. When an arrest involving Sang Do’s help goes badly wrong, the small time dealer finds himself serving jail-time and Detective Ho is suspended. On Sang Do’s release the two try to re-establish themselves on their opposite sides of the law by working together to take down a major drug-lord…
Director : Choi Ho
Cast : Ryoo Seung-beom, Hwang Jeong-min, Kim Hee-ra, Choo Ja-hyeon
(90 min)
2004 - Action, Drama, Crime - Hong Kong
When five bandits open-fire at cops in a narrow street in Hong Kong, all hell breaks loose. To make matters worse, the media is there to capture the escape of the criminals and the complete embarrassment of law enforcers during the chaos. With reputation-shattering images and the criminals still on the loose, the public begins to turn their backs on the law officials. Knowing that simply catching these thieves won’t save face, Inspector Rebecca Fong decides to put on a “show” to restore the police department’s public image. What ensues is a cat and mouse chase between the law officials and the criminals, except this time, it’s not about justice…it’s about public image.
Director : Johnnie To
Cast : Kelly Chen, Nick Cheung, Siu-Fai Cheung, Shiu Hung Hui, Suet Lam, Richie Ren
(152 min)
1975 - Thriller, Drama, Crime - Japan
Hikari 109, a Japanese high-speed train--or "bullet train"--has been sabotaged. A madman has rigged it with a bomb that detonates if the train slows to less than 80km/hr. The madman insists that the authorities pay him five million dollars for instructions on how to diffuse the bomb and save the lives of the 1500 passengers. The authorities must now somehow clear the way for the train, keep the passengers calm, try to locate the bomber, and try to determine whether there is really a bomb on the train.
Director : Junya Sato
Cast : Ken Takakura, Sonny Chiba, Kei Yamamoto, Eiji Go, Akira Oda, Raita Ryu
(88 min)
1999 - Drama, Crime - Hong Kong
Mike and his partner Brian are put on a case after a vicious armed robbery. The man they are looking for is known only by the name of Dragon. Mike gets a tip that there will be an arms trade between Dragon and a dealer in the following days in a high rise apartment. Mike and Brian convince an old lady living across the street to use her apartment to keep eye on criminal activity across the street. The following day the old lady believes that the two cops are actually her two sons, Mike and Brian decide to play the roles of the woman's sons so they can stay.
Director : Wilson Wip
Cast : Francis Ng, Louis Koo, Michelle Mok, Lam Mei Jing, Helena Law, Wayne Lai
(92 min)
2000 - Action, Thriller, Crime - Hong Kong
In the year 2000, a Hong Kong pop star and a Taiwanese teen idol lend their acting talents (I use the term very loosely for the latter) to the ultimate Hong Kong buddy action flick. With the international film talents of Mark Dacascos and Coolio (again, I use the term very loosey for the latter) paired up as the bad guys and a Japanese super model as the mysterious secret agent, the ultimate cast is in place. Together, these players mingle in a story of corruption, scandal, and action. The two cop buddies (Kwok and Wom) stumble onto a crime scene of a big triad boss who was slaughtered by one of his most trustworthy man (Dacascos) in order to let local drug pin (Coolio) to make a fat wad of cash by selling his drugs. Not only are the Chinese involved in the investigation, but so are the Japanese with the help of an agent (Fujiwara). The rabbit hole only gets deeper when we discover Fujiwara is after Coolio because he killed her ex-partner and Wom's girlfield (Ruby Lin) has a police
Director : Stanley Tong
Cast : Aaron Kwok, Noriko Fujiwara, Mark Dacascos, Lee-Hom Wang, Ruby Lin, Coolio
(101 min)
2000 - Comedy, Drama, Crime - Hong Kong
Fred has been an undercover cop for 5 years and he has finally had enough of this life. He manages to convince his superior to get to money he needs to do a deal with the bad guys so they can be arrested. Everything seems to be going according to plan but during the gun fight his partner Herman runs away with the money. Fred runs away so he doesn't get shot by the cops by accident, on the road he encounters a road block, he get pulled over and a body is found in the trunk of his car. Fred escapes from the cops and goes into hiding meanwhile Dr. Ko is called to the crime scene to examine the body. The following day Fred's picture is shown on TV and is wanted for murder, Fred wanting to get to the bottom of this goes to the city morgue. Dr. Ko recognizes his from the picture on the TV and secretly calls the police. After showing Fred the body and hearing his story Dr. Ko starts to believe Fred is innocent and will help him out later.
Director : James Yuen
Cast : Francis Ng, Ti Lung, Nick Cheung, Stephanie Che, Jerry Lamb, Ma Tak Chung
(104 min)
2003 - Crime, Drama, Action - Hong Kong
Wong Jiang and Seven-Up were close friends in the police force. While Seven-Up (Lau Ching Wan) was an honest cop, Blind Chiu (Francis Ng) was receiving bribes from a gangster. One night a police sting is underway and goes to warn Seven-Up. The two run away but are stopped by Wong Jiang (Anthony Wong), an old friend, who is now Police Chief. A small scuffle ensues and ends with a few gunshots and only Wong knows what happened that night on the rooftop. Years later, Seven-Up’s son has become a police officer and Blind Chiu’s son is now a top gangster boss. The two soon become embroiled in a conspiracy that will unravel more than a decade’s worth of mystery and deceit.
Director : Wong Jing, Marco Mak Chi-Sin
Cast : Anthong Wong, Jordan Chan, Raymond Wong, Gillian Chung, Terence Yin, Winnie Leung
(100 min)
1995 - Action, Thriller, Crime - France, Canada, Japan
Yo is one of the world's greatest hitmen, and not only that, but he works for a mysterious Chinese mafia organization called Sons of the Dragons. He has been given the honor of being called Freeman, a title only given to a special type of assassin. Though Yo doesn't want the honor, there is little he can do. His obligation is more important than personal want. After each killing, Yo must cry silently for the victims. One day he bumps into Emu O'Hara, a beautiful woman who witnesses Yo killing three Yakuza on a rugged stretch of California coastline. Though Yo's natural assassin instincts cannot let any witness alive, his heart helps him resist the urge and instead he falls in love with Emu. Hunted by his own people for not doing what he was ordered to along with the police, Yo and Emu try to get away and begin a new life.
Director : Christophe Gans
Cast : Mark Dacascos, Julie Condra, Rae Dawn Chong, Byron Mann, Masaya Kato, Yôko Shimada
(94 min)
2000 - Crime, Thriller - Hong Kong
At an ISPC Shooting Course Miu (Alex Fong) meets his rival Rick (Leslie Cheung). During the shooting contest one of the bystanders becomes homicidal and starts shooting at anyone only to be put down with two shots in the same succession (known as Double Tap) by Rick. Several years later Miu, a criminal Investigator, is assigned a case in which a group of CID Agents were killed and a key witness that had been put down with a double tap. This leads Miu to suspect Rick might be responsible for the murders and a final battle between to the two ensues.
Director : Lo Chi Leung
Cast : Leslie Cheung, Vincent Kok, Alex Fong, Monica Chan, Ruby Wong
(89 min)
1997 - Action, Crime - Hong Kong
A group of industrial spies are arrested by the Hong Kong government, instead of being sent to prison they are offered a special mission. The printing plates for the British Pound have been recently stolen but the Hong Kong government has found out that the plates are in the possession of MI5 (British Intelligence). In fear of the plates being sold to the counterfeiting market the Hong Kong government wants the industrial spies to steal the plates back. The team is composed of Jackal, Cash, Sam, Titan and Phoenix each of them with their specialties that will be invaluable to the completion of the mission.
Director : Teddy Chan
Cast : Jordan Chan, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Theresa Lee, Ken Wong, Charlie Yeung
(97 min)
1992 - Action, Drama, Crime, Thriller - Hong Kong
Hung (Pauline Chan), is a woman with problems. Sent from China to Hong Kong into an arranged marriage, she was then sold by her husband to a brothel. She still writes to Sam, her true love, but he is unaware of the services she offers. Sam goes to HK as an illegal immigrant, and finds himself carrying out an armed robbery for a dishonest businessman who wants to commit insurance fraud. Naturally, things go wrong, and Sam and Hung find themselves hiding in the brothel, trapped between the police and the gangsters.
Director : Johnny Wang Lung Wei
Cast : Pauline Chan Bo Lin, Renam Murakami, Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Billy Chow Bei-Lei, Stuart Ong, Willian Ho Ka-Kui
(87 min)
1998 - Action, Drama, Crime - Hong Kong
Some amateur criminals fail in the robbery of a jewelry store and run off and a patrolling policeman spots them and chases after. One of the criminals hides in an apartment building and the police block off all exits and start to search. Meanwhile a deadly killer is in one of the apartments with two hostages. As the police search the building the killer starts to panic and he attacks the police. Members of the killers gang come and save him resulting in more death and bloodshed. The police are left with many questions and assign a special department to deal with the criminals.
Director : Dat-Zi Yau
Cast : Ching-Wan Lau, Siu-Hung Hui, Suet Lam, Yoyo Mung, Ho-Yin Wong, Ruby Wong
(95 min)
1998 - Action, Crime - Hong Kong
The leader of the famous Japanese cult who was responsible for the sarin attacks in the subway was arrested in Hong Kong. The Japanese are negotiating with Hong Kong officials for the extradition of the cult leader. Meanwhile some members of the cult murder some people and demand the release of their leader or they will attack Hong Kong with sarin (the chemical weapon). A member of the HK police takes it personally when another cop is killed by the terrorists. With the help of a Japanese police officer they try to track down and stop the terrorist before to make a sarin gas attack. The final showdown takes them to a TV station that the terrorist have captured to spread fear in the city.
Director : Bruce Law
Cast : Julian Cheung, Theresa Lee, Shu Qi, Chak Tin Him Wun, Kenya Sawada
(103 min)
1994 - Action, Crime - Hong Kong
With the increase of violent robbery in Hong Kong a special unit known as the SDU is created. Several people volunteer to be join the SDU including a police officer who lost his partner while trying to stop robbers. The volunteers go through several week of preparation for the training but most of them fail or quit, the remaining join SDU and begin the real training. Once they start their work they risk their lives every day, soon the members of SDU must deal with the conflict between doing their job and their personal lives.
Director : Chan Gordon Ka-Sheung
Cast : Chan Kwok-Bong, Vindy Chan, Michael Lam, Carman Lee, Michael Wong, Yung Kam-Cheong
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