Chinese Opera
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(92 min)
1983 - Martial Arts, Chinese Opera - Hong Kong
Focusing round a motley crew of travelling opera performers, who immediately run into troubles after the town’s local commander decides he must have the lead actress at whatever cost. Things are complicated by the fact she is already quite smitten with ‘Handsome’, the groups lead actor and main stumbling block between the wicked commander and his desires.
Director : Chen Chang
Cast : Sheng Chiang, Hsu Chung Fei, Cheung Lee, Chien Sheng Lee, Feng Lu, Chien Tien Su
(98 min)
1965 - Chinese Opera - China
Madame Li and Madame Liu are concubines to the Emperor who both long for his undivided favor. When Li gives birth to a baby boy, who would ultimately become the prince, Liu swaps the baby with a cat and orders housemaid Kou Zhu to drown the child. Secretly, Kou Zhu and Chen Li hide the baby with the emperor’s brother, where he is raised and ultimately adopted by the emperor and his now empress, Madame Liu. Meanwhile, former concubine Li Zhenfei had been sanctioned to live in the forbidden palace, where she may never see the prince, who is truly her son. Coincidence brings the young prince before her, and a sea of deceit and conspiracy is revealed.
Director : Kao Li
Cast : Ivy Ling Po, Chin Feng, Ching Miao, Chen Yiu-hsin, Kao Pao-shu, Li Ching
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