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(97 min)
1979 - Kung Fu, Comedy - Hong Kong
‘Dirty’ Ho (Wong Yue) is a nasty piece of work He is an arrogant thief who spends his time buying female attention in brothels. One day he meets his match when Wang (Gordon Liu), a travelling jeweller cons him into donating wealth to charity. Several times, Ho attacks Wang with his kung fu, but Ho, apparently not a fighter, always seems to avoid harm. Wang uses his wits to coerce the unwilling Dirty Ho to clean up his act. As the relationship between the two evolves, it becomes apparent that the righteous Wang is in fact a kung fu master, and so much more than a mere jeweller.
Director : Lau Kar Leung
Cast : Wong Yue, Gordon Liu, Lieh Lo, Lung Wei Wang
(103 min)
1992 - Swordplay - Hong Kong
Set in the Ming Dynasty, where Eunuchs controlled China, the East Chamber headed by Tsao Siu Yan (Donnie Yen) was the most feared and brutal. Tsao's goal of increasing his power leads to the execution of his Military Secretary Yang. Tsao believes that his right hand man Chow Wai-On (Tony Leung) could return for Yang's vengeance and so sets a trap for him which Chow eludes thanks to his companions led by Yau Mo-Yan(Brigitte Lin). They seek refuge at the notorious Dragon Inn who along with the owner's help Jade King (Maggie Cheung) could defeat Tsao and his army which is heading towards Dragon Inn.
Director : Raymond Lee
Cast : Tong Leung Ka-Fai, Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Donnie Yen, Cheung-Yan Yuen, Xin Xin Xiong
(102 min)
1993 - Kung Fu - Hong Kong
Drunken Master 2 is a kung fu classic about factory workers being mistreated by their boss who works for the British. In the meantime Fei-Hung (Jackie Chan) comes in possession of a rare Chinese artifact that the British want. With the help of a local fishermen and his friends, Fei-Hung allies with the factory workers to stop the British from exporting china's historical artifacts. During the process Fei-Hung has problems with his father who does not approve of his actions nor his excessive drinking.
Director : Lau Kar-Leung
Cast : Chan Jackie, Cheung Chi-Kwong, Chin Kar-Lok, Ho Wing-Fong, Lau Ka-Yung, Ken Lo
(93 min)
1984 - Kung Fu - Hong Kong
Seven brothers and the father of the Yang family are renowned for their spear fighting skills, but they are led into a trap in battle. Their betrayer is Pan Mei, who used to be in league with the Yangs, but now recognises them as a threat to his own power. Pan Mei calls upon a group of bandits known as the Tartars to kill all but two of the brothers, one of whom goes insane (Alexander Fu Sheng), and the other seeks to join a Shaolin Temple (Gordon Liu). The temple do not initially believe that their new applicant has the temperament to be a monk, but in a painful display of his determination, he is eventually accepted, despite his need to avenge the deaths of his brothers.
Director : Lau Kar Leung
Cast : Alexander Fu Sheng, Gordon Liu, Lau Kar-Leung, Lily Li, Wang Yu
(55 min)
2000 - Drama, Fantasy, Action, Experimental - Japan
"Dragon Eye" Morrison is a Lizard Inspector who has the ability to communicate with reptiles and wail endlessly on his electric guitar. As a child, he was hit with an electrical charge, thus instilling him with the power of 80,00 Volts. He has a history of exploding into violence since then, and spends his days calmly searching for lost lizards and taking up various related odd jobs. Sharing a common trait is the mysterious Thunderbolt Buddha. He too commands the power of electricity, and when they meet, a lightning charged battle royale ensues. What the hell am I talking about!? Here's a better synopsis! Tadanobu Asano versus Masatoshi Nagase, Rock and Roooooooolllllll!!!!
Director : Sogo Ishii
Cast : Tadanobu Asano, Masatoshi Nagase
(109 min)
2006 - Action, Drama, Thriller, Cat. III - Hong Kong
Macau, 1998 - Wo (Nick Cheung) has returned with his wife and newborn baby after being exiled years ago for attempting to assassinate his former boss. Word spread of his return and soon two former friends, Fat (Lam Suet) and Blaze (Anthony Wong) were commissioned to find him and kill him. Coming to Wo’s aid are Cat (Roy Cheung) and Tai (Francis Ng), two other friends of the group. Once together, all five men must figure out how to resolve the situation without getting everyone killed in the process.
Director : Johnnie To
Cast : Nick Cheung, Francis Ng, Anthony Wong, Roy Cheung, Josie Ho, Simon Yam
(116 min)
2001 - Drama - South Korea
After the death of her parents, Failan moves to Korea, penniless, hoping to make a living. She gets involved with an agency that arranges a marriage to a man named Lee Kang-jae, whom she has never met. Her new husband brings her great comfort after the troubled times of the past. In reality, he cares little for his wife, as he lives a less-than-moral life on the side.
Director : Song Hae-Seong
Cast : Cecilia Cheung, Choi Min-shik, Gong Hyeong-Jin
(96 min)
1995 - Drama - Hong Kong
A contemporary assassin and love story set to the moody blues of the electric underground of modern day Hong Kong. We follow a set of lost souls searching through their surrealistic environments, attempting to live in other ways, while escaping they're past and present. A contract hitman (Leon Lai) leaves his murdering occupation behind him while the woman (MichelleReis) who used to set up his jobs fall madly in love with him. Intertwined is a mute (Takeshi Kaneshiro) who makes a living running other people's businesses when they are closed and looks for companionship in the midst of the hazy night. Presented here are two stories entangled in, filmed like nightmares and dreams by world-renowned director Wong Kar-Wai.
Director : Wong Kar-wai
Cast : Leon Lai, Michelle Reis, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Charlie Yeung, Karen Mok, Fai-Hung Chan
2006 - Kung Fu - Hong Kong
FEARLESS is a dramatization of the life of Huo Yuan Jia (also known as Fok Yun Gap), the legendary founder of the Jin Wu Sports Federation, a famous Wu Shu school which still exists today. Determined to prove himself as the greatest fighter in China, his arrogance leads him to discover important lessons about life, and consolidate his martial arts philosophy.
Director : Ronny Yu
Cast : Jet Li, Colin Chou, Shido Nakamura
(102 min)
1994 - Kung Fu - Hong Kong
Chen Zheng was sent to Japan by his master so that he may learn new skills that may help the Chinese against the Japanese. In Japan he receives word that his master was killed in a duel against a samurai back in Shanghai. Chen returns home to pay his respects to his master and to get to the bottom of what happened to his master. After a quick fight with the head samurai Chen was convinced there is no way that his master could've lost. The Japanese military soon become involved to discredit Chen and his school, also internal conflict between Chen and his masters son risk to tear apart the martial arts school.
Director : Chan Gordon Ka-Sheung
Cast : Chin Siu-Ho, Ada Choi, Billy Chow, Chun Paul Pei, Kurata Shoji, Li Jet
(92 min)
1999 - Drama - Hong Kong
When Onion, a long-time blind-mute patient at a hospital, is inadvertently killed in a car accident, he is given a one time chance to return to Earth. Being deeply in love with his nurse, Autumn, Onion gladly accepts the chance in order for him to finally see her face. However, after seeing Autumn, Onion becomes too eager to profess his love to her which may prove costly in the end because he only has 5 days on Earth. How will Onion overcome the odds and his own feelings and finally say goodbye?
Director : Jingle Ma
Cast : Richie Ren, Cecilia Cheung, William So, Eric Tsang, Eric Kot
(113 min)
2001 - Drama - South Korea
Despite their different family backgrounds, four friends grow up together in the wearisome years of the 1970's. But as time goes by, each of them takes a different path in life. After enrolling in college, Sang-taek and Joong-ho return to visit Dong-su and Jeong-suk, only to find one of them in jail and the other on drugs. Slowly, life takes a difficult turn where friends become rivals in the world of crime. "Friend" is a remarkable true story about friendship and the different places that fate takes them, from being the best of friends to enemies on the streets of the real world. "Friend" is a must see Korean event film that will raise the bar for every drama there afterwards.
Director : Kwak Kyung-taek
Cast : Yoo Oh-sung, Jang Dong-gun, Seo Tae-hwa, Jeong Un-taek
(103 min)
2001 - Action, Drama - Hong Kong
O (Takashi Sorimachi) is the number 1 assassin in all of Asia. Tok (Andy Lau) wants to dethrone him and become the premier hitman in the world. What these two have in common is that they are in love with the same woman, Chin (Kelly Lin). And Chief Inspector Lee (Simon Yam) wants to catch them both. Thrown into a gauntlet of razor blade shoot-outs and a feeding frenzy of warfare, this film is a story about two men of the most excessive lifestyles competing in a world where men die young and the victor not only walks away with the most money, but with the most valuable reputation. Bursting of style and pimp slapped with full on octane entrenched cinema, Johnny To presents his action masterpiece, "Fulltime Killer."
Director : Johnny To & Ka-Fai Wai, Im Gyeong-Su
Cast : Andy Lau, Takashi Sorimachi, Kelly Lin, Simon Yam, Cherrie Ying, Teddy Lin
(125 min)
2004 - Kaiju - Japan
Kaiju Are Taking Over! Destruction and Terror Runs Rampant! White Kid with Choco-Stained Mouth Marvels at Real-Life Anguirus! "Totally Radical" M-Group to Spin-Kick Their Way to the Win! All of these headlines and more could adorn the opening of FINAL WARS like old spinning news clips. Extra! Extra! The plot's not important! Just when the world seems like it's going to crumble under a kaiju overload, the X-Seijin (read: leather-bound extra-terrestrial cheeseballs) interfere and zap them all away. A feigned alliance with the humans shrouds evil alien scheming, and the only thing that can even the playing field is to bring Godzilla back from the ice in which he was imprisoned. Also, what will become of the fabulous fighter Don Frye in this insane and wonderful mess?
Director : Ryuhei Kitamura
Cast : Masahiro Matsuoka, Rei Kikukawa, Akira Takarada, Kane Kosugi, Kazuki Kitamura, Maki Mizuno
(120 min)
2001 - Comedy, Drama - South Korea
Guns and Talks: In the heart of Seoul, Korea, a band of killers-for-hire is slowly making a name for themselves in the business. Their style--kill the victims the way their clients want them to be killed, no questions asked. For this group to succeed, they need the help of each other--and an uncle who designs super cool gadgets in the privacy of his own home. However, the foursome will need more than manpower and an uncle to carry out a new mission they just accepted. Along with an intelligent detective hot on their trail, the killers must accomplish "the perfect crime" or face the consequences. Will their mischievous ways be too much of a burden or will they pull out the crime of the century?
Director : Jang Jin
Cast : Shin Hyun Jun, Won Bin, Shin Ha Kyun, Jung Jae Young, Jung Jin Young, Son Hyun Ju
(96 min)
2002 - Wuxia - China
Nameless (Jet Li) is called to the Kingdom of Qin to tell his story on how he was able to defeat three of the most infamous assassins from the Zhao Empire: Broken Sword (Tony Leung), Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung), and Sky (Donnie Yen). What becomes of this session with the Emperor will not only change Nameless, but the fate of a nation.
Director : Zhang Yimou
Cast : Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Donnie Yen, Daoming Chen, Zhang Ziyi
(90 min)
1972 - Kung Fu - Hong Kong
In 1934, Chinese students of the Korean Hapkido style are forced to defend themselves against the bullying Japanese Black Bear School.
Director : Feng Huang
Cast : Angela Mao Ying, Sammo Hung, Whang Ing-Sik, Carter Wong
(126 min)
1992 - Action, Crime - Hong Kong
Chow Yun-Fat is the badass cop Tequila. During an arms raid at a tea house, his partner is shot and killed right before his eyes. Although Tequila immediately blasted the murderer, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy him. Now he is dedicated to ending the ring of weapons smuggling that is escalating in town. Also involved is a fellow cop undercover as a triad. Once they team up, no criminal is safe and the bloodshed culminates in some of the most amazing gunplay sequences ever captured on film.
Director : John Woo
Cast : Chow Yun-Fat, Philip Kwok, Tony Leung, Anthony Wong, Teresa Mo, Bowie Lam
(102 min)
2000 - Action, Fantasy, Gangster - Japan
After a case gone badly wrong in Brazil, Mario a Brazilian gangster decides to return to Japan in order to retrieve his love Kei, a Chinese girl who is going to be expulsed from Japan. But Kei is currently being coveted by the boss of one of the most powerful Triad gangs ruling in Japan. Now that Mario and Kei are reunited again, they need to find a way to get out of the country without being caught by the police or by the Chinese triads. To get out of the country Mario and Kei needs a lot of money. Mario ends up with the idea of stealing the money from a gang of Yakuza. They will be helped by Carlos a close friend of Mario and Ricardo, a guy who needs to repay is debt to Carlos. But what the three don't know is that this gang of Yakuza is also doing some underground affair with the Triads gangs who are looking for them. Now they are not only chased by the police but also by two powerful groups of gangsters.
Director : Takashi Miike
Cast : Teah, Michelle Reis, Patricia Manterola, Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Koji Kikkawa, Ren Osugi
(105 min)
2006 - Horror, Kaiju, Comedy, Drama - South Korea
Hardworking Hee-bong owns a food stall next to the Han River, and he works everyday alongside his slightly simple son, Gang-du. On a sunny day the river is packed with people enjoying the weather and the food stall is busy. When some of the people relaxing by the river see some sort of strange looking creature hanging on the bridge, their interest is raised. Unfortunately, the strange creature decides to take in interest in them too, and it divers into the water and heads towards the riverbank…
Director : Bong Joon-ho
Cast : Song Kang-ho, Byun Hee-bong, Bae Doo-na, Park Hae-il, Go Ah-sung, Lee Jae-eung
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