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(113 min)
2002 - Thriller, Fantasy, Horror - Taiwan, China
An American FBI agent is sent in Taipei to help the local police force solve a series of strange murders. Two bodies have been discovered and they both share some strange connections - a mysterious fungus imbedded in the brains of the bodies, and signs that both died in a hallucinatory state. Huang Huo-Tu, a Chinese police inspector who lost the trust and respect of his co-workers for reporting a corrupt colleague, has to team up with Kevin Richter, the American FBI agent who is a specialist in serial killer profiling. They will soon discover that the murders are not just ordinary murders but seem to have connections with old Chinese legend and beliefs. Conflicts soon rise between the two officers as Kevin is a man of science, and doesn’t believe in ghosts and demons. As the body count rises, other victims are found dead with the same strange causes of death. The two men have to try to understand each other's beliefs and work together to find out what is behind these strange and unnat
Director : Chen Kuo Fu
Cast : Tony Leung, David Morse, Rene Liu, Dai Li Zen
(124 min)
1994 - Drama - Taiwan, China
The Chu house consist of four family members: a windowed highly-renowned chef, an oldest daughter who is a school teacher, a middle-child who is an airline executive, a youngest daughter who is still a college student making her transaction into the real world. Together, they seek out the recipe for love.
Director : Ang Lee
Cast : Sihung Lung, Yu-Wen Wang, Chien-lien Wu, Kuei-Mei Yang, Sylvia Chang, Winston Chao
(97 min)
2005 - Horror - Taiwan, China
Young architect James Yang (Jason Chang) returns from the UK to take over his inheritance, a musty mansion on the outskirts of Taipei. His modern ballet dancer girlfriend, Yo (Terri Kwan), wants to study abroad, but then, she inexplicably moves into the spacious house to keep him company, never referring to her previous plans (and plane tickets bought). Several mysterious disappearances and deaths later we get to see what made her change her mind. But should we care?
Director : Leste Chen
Cast : Jason Chang, Terri Kwan, Chang Yu-chen, Tender Huang
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